We would all like to breathe a sigh of relief that Entergy is pulling the plug on the Pilgrim reactor.

Entergy's fleet of Northeast nukes is a sinking ship. Vermont Yankee crashed against the rocks last year; now Pilgrim and FitzPatrick are the latest casualties. Pilgrim is unable to compete in the brave new world of renewable energy production.

With growing investment in renewables, costs of solar dropping, declining energy use, and the low cost of natural gas, Pilgrim is losing money--a lot of money. Pilgrim is expected to lose more than $120 million in the next three years! So, it's closing.

But is Pilgrim closing? It announced that by 2019 it will shutter. That's 3 ½ years of continued operation of a systemically mismanaged nuke on the NRC watch list playing Russian roulette with Massachusetts. And what does its financial losses mean for safe operation? For adequate maintenance? Is it reasonable to have a reactor shutter only in bad weather to avoid an accident?

Pilgrim's power must be replaced; and it must be replaced now with sustainable energy- communities shouldn't have to live with this uncertainty. Neither should the state.

Listed below are the groups working to CLOSE PILGRIM NOW!

Citizens Awareness Network: Deb Katz, Executive Director, (413) 339-5781, deb@nukebusters.org, www.nukebusters.org

Cape Downwinders: Diane Turco, Director, (508) 776-3132, tturco@comcast.net, www.capedownwinders.info

Down Cape Downwinders: Yvonne Barocas, (914) 263-6089, closepilgrim@gmail.com, Facebook: Down Cape Downwinders

350 MVI (Martha's Vineyard): Anne Rosenkranz, (508) 944-6405, antigonerose2@gmail.com

Pilgrim Watch: Mary Lampert, Director, (781) 934-0389, mary.lampert@comcast.net, www.pilgrimwatch.org

Pilgrim Coalition: Arlene Williamson, (774) 521-3347, a.williamson99@comcast.net, www.pilgrimcoalition.org

Boston Downwinders: Guntram Mueller, (617) 969-2150, guntrammuller2@gmail.com, www.madownwinders.org

Occupy Hingham: John Gaulley, (781) 385-0120, Facebook: Occupy Hingham

No More Fukushimas: Bruce Skud, (978) 204-6794, bskud@comcast.net

On Behalf of Planet Earth: Sheila Parks, (617) 774-6020, sheilaruthparks@comcast.net, Facebook: On Behalf of Planet Earth

Sierra Club: MA Sierra Club, Emily Norton, Chapter Director, (617) 423-5775 x11, www.sierraclub.org/massachusetts/nuclear